To Have the African Union Include Residency for the African Diaspora in Member States

To Have the African Union Include Residency for the African Diaspora in Member States

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Renae X started this petition to Office of Diaspora and African Organization The African Union and

The injuries of slavery, where African people's were ripped from their homes, sold, drugged, shackled and shipped to the Western World did not end at the ports of Africa.

Instead that was just the beginning for millions of people who endured unnatural suffering on the journey to the new world, many died and those who survived were treated to a variety of inhumane and barbaric cruelties ranging from the common place of children being torn from their mothers and sold away, never to be seen again, to the subhuman conditions of forced labor to build the abundant wealth of Western European dominated countries.

But similarly to how the wealth in these former colonizer and enslaver nations persists to this day, using their economic wealth and military prowess over the rest of the world, the generations of the former enslaved are still the most victimized, impoverished, disenfranchised, undereducated and unsupported by those who captured our ancestors some 400 years ago.

Now in the year 2021, where the social injustices and inequality are more visible than ever, the Descendants of African Slaves are now seeking to return to Africa en masse, yet no African nation save for Sierra Leone has any clear path to accept the African Diaspora back into their countries.

To add insult to injury, The repatriated African Diaspora has no representation from the colonizing and enslaving countries from where they flee. They are left with no agents or legal devices, protecting their interests in Africa from any  European Dominated Western Government , leaving us exposed and subjected to cruel and predatory activities by some individuals representing African States.

The Unfortunate case is that, there are no immigration policies on paper  to receive those of us who have returned, in fact it is expected that the African Descendants of the Enslaved should somehow have access to the same financial resources as those who enslaved us, while we seek residency across the African Continent.

In some instances where countries are ill prepared for the return of the African Diaspora, they have moved towards forced deportation of African Descendants of the enslaved, sending them back to America, The Caribbean, Europe and other places from which they fled. 

In many documented  cases where the African Diaspora has married local Africans, Immigration officials in certain countries are denying any immigration status or benefits to the African Diaspora partner and insisting on the Diaspora partner to leave the country, thusly splitting families apart indefinitely. It is heartbreaking to witness, loss of human dignity under the yoke of colonizers and to also endure the same kind of loss of personal goods, savings, property, dreams and hopes at the hands of our own African brothers and sisters, thusly perpetuating the cycle of victimhood upon our persons.

This practices is not only shameful and irreprehensible, but also illegal according to Human Rights standards as well as the African Commission on Human Rights Article 20.2 Which States:  "Colonized or oppressed peoples shall have the right to free themselves from the bonds of domination by resorting to any means recognized by the international community."

Additionally that the African Union recognizes the African Diaspora as the 6th Region of the African Union, "making a significant impact to the social and economic development of the African continent and also has Observer rights to African Union proceedings".

Weare hereby petitioning the African Union to also make the following provisions within their charter for the African Diaspora.

All Member States of the African Union to make in their immigration policies certain protections and concessions for the African Diaspora which includes:

  1. A clear path to residency for the African Diaspora
  2. A Clear path to Citizenship for the African Diaspora
  3. A Clear path to DUAL Citizenship for the African Diaspora
  4. Protections  for foreign Assets and Repatriated Assets of the African Diaspora
  5. Voting Rights for the African Diaspora in the African Union to protect our interests and those of our generations to come

We who prepared this petition, hope that this matter is taken extremely seriously and seek an Emergency Meeting of the African Union and their member state representatives to see this matter resolved urgently.


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