The Acceptance Initiative

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We must teach our K-12 students to learn to ACCEPT each other:

The Acceptance Initiative – A Petition

We, the People, who have signed our names to this document, respectfully demand a 50 State Mandate Educating our K-12 students to Learn to Accept those who are Different from Them

Whereas –

There is factual evidence gathered by respected Non Governmental Organizations and Non-Partisan experts.

Whereas –

Incidents of bullying and intolerance in our schools have increased significantly.

Whereas –

Incidents of Hate crimes and Harassment against the Muslim, Jewish, Black, White, Hispanic, Native American, LGBTQ and the Disabled Communities, Members of the Media, the Arts and other Constitutionally Protected US citizens, have increased significantly.

Whereas –

An Existing Curriculum teaching Tolerance, using the Holocaust and other historic lessons of the past, is already mandated in Six Great States: California, Illinois, Florida, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York, as well as in the Countries of Austria, France, Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. 

Therefore –

We, the People Undersigned, Demand that all 50 States Mandate such Education of our most Impressionable Youth, building on the Existing Curricula and using all appropriate materials developed in the future.