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Electoral College Members: Please Save Us From Donald Trump!

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Last night, to the dismay of half the country and much of the world, Donald Trump came out ahead in the race for U.S. president by a razor-thin margin, and as usual, most of the media prematurely rushed to declare a winner.

Of course the possibility of another President Clinton was equally dismaying to many, and all the candidates other than the nominees of the 2-party cartel were once again shut out of the presidential debates, arguably once again making the election results illegitimate regardless of who ends up in the White House.

Hillary Clinton actually received more votes than Trump did, even though he came out ahead in the Electoral College tally.

But the Electoral College has not actually voted yet, and that vote is what ultimately elects the president. What many people don't realize is that they could still change who becomes the next president! An ABC News story reports:

As explained in the above article, 21 states do not require their Electors to vote for the candidate to whom they are pledged, and indeed one Clinton Elector from Washington has already announced he will not vote for her!

With the votes of 270 Electors needed to make him president, Trump has been reported as having between 279 and 290 pledged, and Clinton between 218 and 228, with 31 still up for grabs as Michigan, New Hampshire, and Arizona were still too close to call.

This means that as few as 10 Electors refusing to vote for Donald Trump could deny him the 270 total and throw the election to the House of Representatives!

With a Republican majority in the House, members would not vote to elect Clinton, but a coalition of Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans might choose a less odious Republican, or even the 3rd-place vote-getter, Libertarian candidate (and former Republican governor of New Mexico) Gary Johnson.

Republican Electors, your party has saved us from Hillary Clinton; please have the courage now to stand up and save us from Donald Trump! Do you really want this unstable, thin-skinned man with his finger on the nuclear button!?

In the name of humanity, we the undersigned ask you, Republican Electors, please vote your consciences. Please do not vote to make Donald Trump president of the United States!

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