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Hector Lopez, a former student body president at his high school, was placed in a Detention center in Arizona when he requested asylum from immigration authorities after his deportation from the USA.  Hector recently passed his first interview to prove credible fear and ICE agreed to accelerate his paperwork, which would have taken 7 days, after a Humanitarian appeal by immigration advocate Ralph Isenberg to free him before Christmas.  

Letter to
DHS Assistant Secretary John Morton
DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano
Director of Enforcement & Removal Operations for AZ Katrina Kane
I am aware that Mr. Isenberg pressed for a pre-Christmas release for Hector Lopez based on a Humanitarian appeal after he passed his first asylum interview. I understand that it would have taken 7 days to process his paperwork before he could be released but you agreed to accelerate the process to free Hector before Christmas.

Thank you for doing the right thing by letting Hector spend Christmas with his brother and mother back home.

Happy Holidays.


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