Stricter laws against animal cruelty and neglect in Texas

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 In September 1, 2001, House Bill 653 and Senate Bill 1724 also know as "Loco's Law" went into effect making animal cruelty a felony and punishable by a $10,000 fine and up to two years in jail. However today in Texas animal cruelty convictions can still be considered a misdemeanor instead of a felony. Everyday cases of animal abuse and neglect go without punishment in Texas. 

  On the weekend of May 18th 2019 a dog now named "King James" was picked up by animal control in Dallas/ Fort Worth area after the owner called. Since being picked up a rescue group in New York came to King James' rescue.  "He lived in the backyard on a heavy chain in horrific conditions. When he was picked up by animal control, you could smell him from 100 feet away. His neck and skin where he was being strangled to near death by the chain was decayed and oozing with infection. The wound is so deep his head was almost severed from his body."-  Rescue Dogs Rock NYC . 

  Unfortunately King James' case is not one in a million here in Texas, in fact Texas is infamously known for abused and neglected animals and people getting away with these acts. This is why we need to call on stronger laws to protect animals that cannot speak for themselves. Laws that would require that people who dump animals, have puppy mills, abuse animals, and neglect animals are no longer just given a fine but are actually taken to court and held responsible for their crimes. Including but also not limited to people who know of abuse and neglect going on and do not report it. If harboring a criminal is a crime so should not reporting known abuse or neglect of an animal. It's time Texas no longer looks the other way when it comes to animals.