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Stop the discharge of fireworks in housing subdivisions in unincorporated areas in Texas

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In unincorporated areas outside major cities in Texas such as Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio there are large subdivisions.  Within these subdivisions the houses are often only 10 feet apart.  People are allowed to discharge fireworks any time during the year within these subdivisions because they are outside the city limits.  On holidays such as New Year's Eve and The Fourth of July fireworks are discharged for 6-8 hours straight.  The continuous explosions put stress on people with developmental disabilities such as Autism as well as those with PTSD and others sensitive to prolonged loud noises.  Additionally, the continuous explosions stress pets, often resulting in lost pets.   The fireworks also pose a threat to property as they are discharged near homes and wooded green belt areas.  The firework debris is typically not picked up by those discharging fireworks, resulting in litter in the streets which makes its way into storm drains and then eventually our water ways.  This is harmful to the environment as well as wild life.  

We need to come together and ask our Texas legislators to stop the discharge of fireworks in our unincorporated subdivisions.  People who wish to discharge fireworks should be given wide open spaces on county land in the presence of fire fighters to discharge their fireworks.  That will allow them to continue to enjoy their fireworks but also take into account those who want to stay in their homes on holidays without having to be bombarded by the noise of hours of continuous fireworks outside their doors.  People with Autism, sensory processing disorders, PTSD,  as well as those who find the excessive explosions aversive, should be able to enjoy holidays in their homes without having to leave their homes to avoid the stress of the excessive continuous noise of hours long fireworks celebrations. 

Finally, having a designated fireworks discharge area will solve the problem of fireworks posing a fire hazard to homes and wooded areas in the subdivisions.  A designated fireworks discharge area will also reduce fireworks debris that is left on residential streets only to end up in the storm drains and ultimately the Texas waterways. 




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