Pass a Rebuttal Presumption of 50/50 bill in Texas

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-----Texas Residents Only----

We, the parents and constituents of Texas, insist that our state government officials help align the Texas Family code with what modern research says is in the best interest of the child. We expect our representatives to support legislation which allows most children to have equal access parents who are fit, willing and able. As the best interest of the child is always paramount, we likewise insist that the safeguards and protections for children that are currently in place be respected and utilized to keep children safe from unfit parents. While at the same time, we insist that children be allowed the benefits of equal access to both parents, when such protections are unnecessary.

We ask you to review the current data and studies that show equal shared parenting is in the child's best interest. We ask you to request any data from the opposition that shows the current system has the same benefits as equal shared parenting. It is our stance that no data exists to support the oppositions stance. 

We ask you to consider the following facts:

1. Child custody and child support are two separate statues in the Texas Family Code. A noncustodial parent asking for equal shared parenting would have no financial gain. 

2. Studies have shown that equal shared parenting lowers the conflict between parents. It removes the winner / loser concepts that are set forth in our current family code. 

3. Studies and experts have supported equal shared parenting and the benefits it has on the healthy development of children. Studies have also confirmed that single parent homes have had a negative impact on our society. 

4. The US Supreme Court has recognized the fundamental right of parents is to the "care, and management of their children."

5. Opponents of equal shared parenting repeatedly state that one size parenting plans do not fit all cases. We ask then, that you remove the assumption that the current Standard Possession order should be applied to all cases where parents cannot agree on a more expansive parenting plan that gives the children quality and constant contact with both parents. 

Please put Texas children first.