Amend the Texas PUF (Permanent University Fund)

Amend the Texas PUF (Permanent University Fund)

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It’s long past time the Texas PUF (Permanent University Fund) is dispersed more evenly among ALL Texas state funded universities, not just the University of Texas and Texas A&M systems.

Per Texas State Historical Association, "The Permanent University Fund is a public endowment that provides financial support to institutions in the University of Texas and Texas A&M University systems. The principal of the fund, which includes all proceeds from oil, gas, sulfur, and water royalties, all gains on investments, all rentals on mineral leases, and all amounts received from the sale of university lands, may not be spent. The surface income generated by grazing leases on university lands and the net income from interest and dividends for PUF investments make up the Available University Fund, which is divided between (ONLY) the two university systems”. 

Currently only The University of Texas and Texas A&M University (67% UT and 33% A&M) benefit from the money generated form such fund. The PUF does not provide any funding to other public Universities systems in the State of Texas. This equates to MORE THAN $24 BILLION in assets and as much as $849 MILLION for A&M and $1.7 BILLION (with a B) for UT in revenue on an annual basis. Again, none of this shared with any other state university in Texas. 

Tech, UH, Texas State University, UNT, SFA, Sam Houston, Sul Ross, Texas Women’s and the likes have sat back for far too long and let this happen. The vast majority of resources in the state are pumped out if Texas Tech, Angelo State, Sul Ross's West Texas back yard and shipped through UH’s, TWU, Texan Southern's Houston backyard.

We all need to come together and put pressure on legislators to amend this sweetheart deal for UT & A&M. It should be amended to be more fair for ALL TAXPAYERS of ALL STATE UNIVERSITIES. 

Please sign and contact your state representative TODAY!

4,200 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!