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Terry's Law: Enter home of any missing child without a search warrant.

Every missing child has the right to be found. The first few hours of a missing child is critical. By allowing law enforcement access only to the home and/or property of the missing child, without the need for a search warrant,  would help in the recovery of the missing child tremendously. For those who are opposing this law, and say, "It is taking away my 5th Amendment", I ask you this, Is your need for privacy in your home and/or property, more important than finding your missing child?



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Deputy Mayor Wallace W. Edgerton
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Interim City Manager Robert Johnson
On Sunday, July 7, 2013 Terry "JuJu" Smith mother reported her child missing. Three days later, less than 100 feet from his home, Terry was found, dead.

The first few hours of a missing child is critical.

This is why we are proposing Terry's Law.

Proposed Law:

When you the parent or guardian call law enforcement to report your child missing, from your home, which is the same home where the missing child also resides at, this law would allow immediate access of law enforcement to your home and/or property without the need of a search warrant.

This law would also grant law enforcement to declare your home and/or property a "crime scene" for a minimum of 6 hours to gather any and all evidence pertaining to the case of your missing child.

Why is it important?
This is not to make the parents or guardians feel like they are suspects, but rather to protect all parties involved. But mostly importantly, to find any and all clues leading to the recovery of the missing child.

Sometimes we, parents or guardians, may overlook things that may be significant to law enforcement. There are also times when law enforcement have responded to a missing child call and have often overlooked things themselves, because law enforcement do not have a "search warrant" to uncover items that are not in clear view.
We believe under this law, law enforcement are not only allowed access to the home and/or property, but law enforcement can properly search the home and/or property of the said missing child. This would ensure that any and all evidence pertaining to the case would be properly, safely, and quickly obtained. Plus, any evidence that requires forensics testing in a lab, can begin immediately.

We feel that in the case of Terry "JuJu" Smith, if law enforcement had more access to the home and/or property of Terry JuJu Smith, it may not have changed the outcome, but would have saved less days for him to be lying in a shallow grave near his home.

Wendy Zamudio
Jennifer Pena

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