Family Terrorists; Terroristic Abuse, Torture and Human Trafficking

Family Terrorists; Terroristic Abuse, Torture and Human Trafficking

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Patricia McKnight started this petition to President President Joe Biden and

We submit five years of annual collective statistics, published studies by CDC, NCTSN, NIMH concerning years of grievous maltreatment and sexual harm, forced servitude, torture, terroristic violence, a believed sense of possible death committed against a child, known by others in the direct family circle; quite possibly (undeniably) suspected by members in the community or school, but rarely ever reported against a family offender. It is time to address the severity of harm which causes life altering, destructive, and suicidal ramifications. We respectfully request a Mandatory Federal Offense Statute to deter Family Predators against young children 0 to 15 years old.

We the people hereby sign our name requesting our United States Government implement the changes in our prosecuting statutes, civil liabilities, and social services directives to enact this amendment as written below in the provisions for the: 


         Support 'Trecia's Law' to ensure our priority is in protecting the very young children, 0 to 15 years of age; those who are under complete control of dangerous family offenders.

 Amending prosecution & policy provisions in the crimes of Family Related Child Sex Trafficking; aggravated sexual harm, grievous bodily injury, threats with or without weapons; terroristic acts creating a believed sense of possible death to silence victims and protect family abusers.

         Prosecutorial Mandates: Enforcement amendments beginning date to coincide with the implementation of Child Protection Act of 1984

1) Federal Prosecution for Grievous Family Related Crimes committed against a person 15 years or younger as follows:

A - Grievous physical or sexual injury of a child
B - Sexual crimes of exploitation, criminal sexual assault, sexual abuse, sex trafficking, of/with a person 15 years or younger, committed by any person 18 years or older.
C - Labor Trafficking or Forced Servitude of child
D - Any ‘terroristic’ actions; threats causing a believed sense of grievous bodily injury or possible death to control, silence, or torture victims.

2) Immediate protection of child :

When a report is made directly by child or by qualified reporter concerning sexual or grievous harm, possible ‘terroristic’ environment against or involving a person 15 years or younger. Implement immediate protection for that individual on the basis of their personal guaranteed Universal Human Right to be Safe. (Specific Social Services Child Maltreatment Investigation Update listed in Public Policy Section of this petition below)

3) Enact One Federal Statute of Limitations for crimes causing Grievous Child Maltreatment, Disfiguring Injuries, Sexual Harm or Trafficking of a person 15 years or younger as follows;

A - Minimum 25 years after victims 18th birthday for Criminal Statute of Limitations
B - NO Statute of Limitations for any/all civil remedies

4) Forfeiture of any/all properties or other assets of the offender upon prosecution

Auction or sale of all assets to be divided equally between State & Victim to allow for restitution and life rebuilding aid for victims, along with assisting reimbursement of funding for shelter, counseling, or other State provided services.)

5) Prosecution of any person who knowingly neglects or refuses to report any known, witnessed, heard or suspected abuse of a person 15 years or younger. This includes but is not limited to; excessive violence, threats of harm, grievous injury, possible sexual harm, trafficking or forced servitude; failing to report such acts is punishable by a minimum $500.00 fine and/or up to 10 years in prison if that knowledgeable neglect to report results in the death of a victim.

Public Policy Mandates:

1) Amend Child Maltreatment Investigation to require reported maltreatment of any person 15 years or younger, in acts of sexual, physical, verbal harm, use of or threat with weapon, drugs, alcohol, exploitation, trafficking, neglecting basic needs of shelter, food, education, medical, dental,or mental health necessities. These reports against young persons shall be completed by a

  • (Three Stage Review Process) 
  •      A = Call Intake Recorder
  •      B = Local County Forensic Investigator
  •      C = County Director/Supervisor Final Disposition

2) Begin updated training to understand 'terroristic trauma' and the terrorized child victim. ALL FIRST RESPONDERS/MANDATED REPORTERS/FORENSIC INVESTIGATORS or other necessary key professionals who interact with families and children to better assist in spotting a terrorized silenced victim and/or possible trafficked child.

3) Provide recovery support to meet needs of the victim for a period up to 5 years; beginning and ongoing from the investigation or implemented protection of victim. (Education and Recovery focus to assist in self sufficient life skills preparedness, home and parenting awareness, health care and family building blocks.)

4) Public School System education and prevention strategies educating all children within each school system to understand their individual rights to life, liberty and safety, even within their home and family relationships; also provide grades 4 through 12 instructions for reporting violations of another person's individual rights to be safe. (training to report will aid to reduce school violence, bullying, abuse, gang or family related violence)

5) Engage a Community Response Team within every police department across the country; providing involved education and prevention strategies to better understand Warning Signs & Reporting Guidelines when abuse, violence, trafficking or other types of harm occur within our neighborhoods and families. 

**Note: these changes in our prosecutorial and civil remedies are to protect and educate about the types of terroristic personal attacks, specifically against  minor children, without regard to familial, foster, or governing state custody or residence location.

These guidelines have been reviewed and put together by a survivor, researcher, and advocate; Patricia McKnight (Survivor/Advocate/Trainer of Family Crimes and Terroristic Abuse). It is through what others have shared in my advocacy decade, also my lived experiences, and hundreds of hours of research and continuing education, which have convinced myself and many experts about the true dangers within our homes and our family unit which drive this push to implement these measures forward; providing a separate prosecutorial and victim's services when 'terroristic abuse, torture, and trafficking occur.

Your signature will help support our request for a Federal Level Investigation into our Child Protection Services, Victims Assistance Providers, and our Family or Domestic Violence Court Systems. We maintain all researched maltreatment reports, medical justifications of trauma & terror, and mental health impacts of terroristic harm or maltreatments. You can receive links to or actual downloaded materials by emailing; 

Your signature will save countless lives moving forward. Awareness is the key to prevention and today with the continued increase in Child Maltreatment Reports, Family Sex Trafficking of Children, Domestic/Interpersonal or Relationship Terroristic Violence; we know more today about the impacts from these types of traumas than ever before. It is now time to teach our children & teens, that our American Laws will enforce, uphold, and protect their inalienable right to be safe, even inside their homes.

Today you can make the choice to change the future for your own next generation. You can immediately choose to implement a heightened awareness and discussion within your family and community.

Billions of lives have been impacted, destroyed, and has caused countless numbers of suicides, along with proven early onset Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which sadly is misdiagnosed (never discussed) in the behavioral difficulties of many young children.

How many more lives will be affected before we insist as a United Human Society that we implement every possible measure of protection, prevention, and prosecution of the more dangerous family offenders? We must deter a continuing cycle of tolerance and refusal to report the often brutal crimes which we all know exist within our homes and family circle.

Change is only possible with your true support. 

Best Regards,

Patricia A McKnight

Advocate/Peer Resource/Survivor

Author: 'My Justice'



785 have signed. Let’s get to 100,000!
At 100,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!