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Speak out and purchase land to save soon to be extinct koalas.


With only approx 100 koalas now living on the Sunshine Coast Qld, and numbers around the rest of the country rapidly dwindling, it is crunch time. We have been campaigning for years to save all wildlife being killed by developers and have asked Mrs Irwin numerous times to speak out but we are stonewalled. Mrs Irwin is one of Australia's richest women and much of that money comes from tourists visiting our region and to the zoo that Bob and Steve Irwin built. She takes so much financially from this country and it is her duty of care to in turn help save one of our most iconic emblems, the koala. Steve purchased huge chunks of land to preserve for wildlife but after his passing, Mrs Irwin has since sold them.

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  • Terri Irwin, Widow of Steve Irwin aka The Crocodile Hunter

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