Help special needs families facing desperate and dangerous situations.

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This petition is for changes in mobile crisis response, treatment options available in the state, changes in the admission process for special needs children seeking acute treatment for aggression and self-Injurious behaviors and permanent residential services once it is recognized as the best option for these children.  We are seeking these changes after our family sought help for our son; who has severe aggression and self-injurious behaviors from traumatic brain injuries, for several years to no avail.  We was told multiple times by mobile crisis that they couldn’t help our son because he wasn’t suicidal and he was so low functioning that they wasn’t prepared to help a child like our son.  We are not the only family that has been told this either, multiple families that have contacted us through our page has had the same responses from crisis.  Treatment options are also limited in our state due to funding cuts and limits put on licensing facilities to care for these patients.  Families are also waiting days and even weeks in Emergency rooms just to get admitted into a treatment facility.  The admission processes also are designed to delay these children the treatment they so desperately need.  Mental health professionals and insurance companies recognize that special needs patients; especially those with severe Autism, will withdraw and not act out when they have a sudden change of environment (this is what happens when they are sent for treatment, it’s called a “honeymoon period”) This is one of the main issues our family and other families have run into.  Our son was sent for treatment and 12 days later he was sent home due to not having outbursts, 4 days later he was in extreme rages again.  We called seeking help and was told that we had to start the entire process all over again.  These processes take months and that was in May of 2017 and we didn’t get help until my son had a very severe outburston 2-12-18 and I received severe injuries from trying to keep him from hurting hisself.  It can take years of waiting and jumping through hoops just to get help for these children and with the severity of the aggression some have, it puts families in desperate and dangerous situations without any help.  I’m asking for legislation to correct these deficiencies in programs and protocols that are supposed to protect children and their families.  This is a widespread and very serious issue that needs to be addressed on state and federal levels.