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Telstra: Stop exploiting sick patients with your cruel policy

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I was in hospital in pain and would’ve done anything to distract me from that pain and loneliness - but Telstra charge patients $13.50 a day for patients to access free to air channels.

Not only is this a rip off, it’s robbing vulnerable patients of much needed money which they need to spend on their health. Telstra is only interested in lining their own pockets. They don't care about sick kids whose parents can’t afford this exploitative charge.

I’m on a disability pension. Many elderly people around me were similar to me - we can’t afford to be ripped off by Telstra.

Hospital was hell for me. I had stomach and bowel problems. In my ward of four, one patient pressed the buzzer every two seconds. She just wanted attention, something to take her mind off her pain and fear - but not at a cost that’d make her choose between a few free to air TV channels and essentials like food.

An anorexic patient in my ward had a nurse watching her 24/7. She looked so stressed. She weighed 29k and couldn’t move. I spent my last few dollars on an expensive Telstra TV voucher for her. It made her so much happier. But I could only afford one day.

The government should never have allowed this dodgy deal that allows Telstra screws patients. The least they could do now is scrap the unethical profit making.

Imagine how many sick and vulnerable people Telstra could help if they ended this disgusting greed, preying on the poor and sick to make the fat cats fatter.

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