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Tell Your Representatives: Don't punish Wisconsin police and physicians for protecting public safety!

Oak Creek. Aurora. Brookfield. Newtown. Every day, 33 Americans are murdered with guns.

You’d expect our lawmakers in Madison to be searching for solutions to reduce this brutal violence. Instead, they’re wasting time trying to criminalize public safety.

Representative Michael Schraa introduced a dangerous new bill — the "Firearms Freedom Act" — to specifically prohibit Wisconsin police officers from enforcing federal gun safety laws. That's right: Cops trying to do their jobs would face fines and jail time!

Forcing our police officers to choose between going to jail or enforcing badly needed public safety measures passed by Congress isn't just wrong -- it's dangerous.

And it gets worse. The bill also bars our doctors from simply asking if a patient has access to a gun -- even if that patient poses a danger to him / herself or others. Rep. Schraa says he wants this bill to send a message about Wisconsin’s values. But if the immediate “outpouring of outrage" [1] he received from people across Wisconsin is any clue, he’s completely lost touch with our values.

Send an urgent message and make sure your state senator and representative say “NO” to this dangerous bill.

Letter to
Wisconsin State House
Wisconsin State Senate
As your constituent, I’m asking you to oppose the “Firearms Freedom Act” (LRB 2063). This dangerous bill would prohibit Wisconsin police officers from enforcing important gun safety laws. Further, it would block our doctors from asking patients whether they have access to guns -- even if the patient is posing a risk to him / herself or others.

And, disgracefully, this bill calls for a punishment of stiff fines and jail time for the very people who seek to keep all of us safer.

It’s a senseless and self-serving political stunt that will only put me and my family in danger. Please stand up for a safer Wisconsin -- don’t help Rep. Michael Schraa criminalize common sense.

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