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Stop Bullying Sustainable Food Companies

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Hampton Creek is a startup food technology company striving to solve some of the world's biggest problems. It's using plants to create products to help ensure food security to feed starving people, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve the healthfulness of foods, and end the cruel treatment of animals.

Unilever, a UK-based 60 billion dollar multinational corporation, filed a lawsuit confessing that Hampton Creek is taking away market share from a couple of its products: Hellmann's and Best Foods. Thus, as Unilever admits, it's attempting to rely on an archaic standard of identity regulation that was created before World War II to mandate that Hampton Creek removes its products from store shelves.

Unilever is not only contributing to these problems by using inhumane, unsustainable, and unhealthy ingredients, but rather than solving important global issues, is trying to prevent others from doing so.   As an example, even purchasing just one jar of Hampton Creek's "Just Mayo" instead of Best Foods/Hellmann's saves land and water usage, reduces CO2 emissions, eliminates hundreds of milligrams of cholesterol.

When a 60 billion dollar company flexes its muscles to prevent a good-for-the-world startup company from succeeding, there are only two words for that: corporate bullying.

Please ask Unilever to focus more on creating a better world rather than preventing others from trying to do so.

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