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Tell the TSA: No More Patdowns for Minors

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Minors should not be subjected to TSA patdowns. Children do not understand the (faulty) reasoning behind the patdowns, they do not want a stranger touching their body and they can be traumatized by it. Children are vulnerable. They are at a tender time of their development when things that go wrong can mark them for life. It is not fair, proper or useful to subject them to this kind of harassment.

In fact, one expert in the fight against child sexual abuse says that TSA patdowns groom children to cooperate with sexual predators. The TSA is predator-prepping our kids! I won't stand for it! Will you?

Do it for the children. Stop allowing the TSA to traumatuze and predator-prep our kids. Contact TSA administrator John Pistole, Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano, president Barack Obama, senators, representatives and travel industry corporations today by phone, fax, email, letter and in person. Demand that all minors be exempted from all TSA patdowns. Act now to secure the future for our most vulnerable members of society: our children.

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