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Tell Senator Grothman: Stop Insulting Wisconsin Protesters

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Tell Sen. Glenn Grothman how you feel about him calling the protesters slobs. He said on television that he gets a lot of phone calls praising him. Well, I think he should find out how the rest of us nationwide feel about his condescending rudeness.

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The Last Word Blog: Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker said his so-called budget repair bill must be passed by today or layoffs would begin. Lawrence spoke with two Wisconsin state lawmakers, Democratic Rep. Cory Mason and Republican State Sen. Glenn Grothman, about the on-going standoff in Madison and the GOP's push to stop protests inside the State Capitol building. Source

The Last Word Blog: "Sen. Grothman said they are trying to shut people out because the place is "becoming a pigsty." He also called protesters staying overnight in the Wisconsin Capitol "slobs." When pressed to clarify he remarks, he insisted all those people were just a bunch of "college students having a fun party." Source

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Please feel free to express your own sentiments in regards to Senator Grothman. When you sign the petition you will have the opportunity to add your own personal note so that you can tell him exactly how you feeI. As I understand it, most people are outraged over his rudeness, his arrogance, his pretentiousness, and his disprect for working class public servants, who only want a voice. These are teachers, firemen, policemen, nurses, and others who serve their communities and deserve his respect, not his insults.

I like using Change.Org because everytime someone signs the petition the email goes right out to the receipient. Just imagine how many emails he will get! He said that he recieves a lot of phone calls of support, well now he will receive a lot of emails and disgust.

Thanks in advance for signing and sharing!

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