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 PNC is trying to illegally seize the home that we love.  We ran into financial trouble and fell behind in our payments. PNC bank told us not to send a payment as they would work out a payment plant to help us pay it off. And then they sent the foreclosure letter.  We need your help to get PNC to stop this illegal foreclosure, come to the table, and work out a financial plan that will let us keep our home.

We have talked with foreclosure counselors who have told us to re-apply for a hardship modification. With your help, we may be able to get PNC to approve it this time. Before we can apply for the hardship their lawyers need to send us a letter stating what is in arrears. They have promised twice on phone to send and have not. This is clearly another delay tactic. PNC's attorneys (Cohavey, Boozer Devan, Dor -  410-828-5525) will not return our calls.

We have picked up better  jobs so our income is now higher and we can meet the monthly mortgage if PNC will work with us on the back amount. We have already paid off half of the 25 year mortgage. We simply want the chance to stay in our home and finish paying off our mortgage.

We cannot do this without you. Please, please, sign this petition and ask James Rohr, CEO of PNC and the other PNC executives to work with us and let us keep our home.

I can never thank you enough for your compassion and taking the time to help us


Letter to
PNC Bank Chairman and CEO James Rohr, PNC CEO,
President of the United States
Maryland State Senate
and 8 others
Maryland State House
U.S. Senate
U.S. House of Representatives
Executive Mortgage Officer
joseph balaban
Take Back The Land
Corporate Banking Amy Vargo
Maryland Governor
I just signed the following petition addressed to: James Rohr, PNC CEO, Sen. Barbara Mikulski, Sen. Joe Lieberman,.

We are asking PNC to stop their illegal foreclosure of the K./ Bruce and Beth Emmerling home at 1306 West 37th street, Baltimore, Md. 21211. We ask that you approve their hardship modification, or find another way to allow them to pay what they owe and stay in their home.
When they contacted you to ask what to do to fix the late payments you told them not to send in any payment, that you would work out a hardship modification with them that would let them pay off the arrears in monthly installments, while keeping current on their monthly mortgage payments. Then you sent them a foreclosure letter. One week later you sent a denial of the hardship and a letter telling them to contact you to find a way to avoid foreclosure. You need to make this right. You will make more money letting them pay off the next 12 years of their 25 year mortgage than you will by auctioning this home.
We ask the elected officials to intervene on their behalf, to prevent one more constituent from being foreclosed upon.
We ask you to do the right thing and let this family pay what they owe and stay in their home.

You can reach them at the above-referenced address or via email: