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Tell online auction sites like Ebay to stop listing "horn" items made from rhino and any animal:. Stop selling "horn" items, even "antique" horns.

Rhinos are being killed at record pace, with killings in the hundreds already in 2013.   If we don't stop these killings, soon the rhino will be extinct, very soon.  "Asian" items are hot sellers on online auction websites and include cups and decor made from rhino horn and maybe helping to create demand with poachers and sellers selling new horn as antique horn.  Ebay and online action websites list many "horn" items because they are listed as "antique" or just "horn" or "ox horn" and not "rhino horn".    Who certifies horn as Ox horn?   I see such items almost all the time just searching "asian" items.  Please join me to tell these auction sites to say "no" to listing any and all "horn" items, even "antique" horns. If folks can longer sell it or buy it, then poaching will slow. 

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  • Tell online auction sites to stop listing "horn" items.
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