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Petitioning Chairman Julius Genachowski and 5 others

Tell Obama and the FCC to Protect Net Neutrality Now!


Update: As reported on May 3, sources say that FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski has “indicated he wants to keep broadband services deregulated”. This would represent an Obama appointee essentially giving up on protecting Net Neutrality.

Chairman Genachowski was chosen based on his support for protecting the open internet. President Obama himself campaigned on this issue, and as recently as February 10, 2010 told an interviewer “I’m a big believer in Net Neutrality”

The official FCC response to the recent court ruling is expected this week, so now is the time to take action! Make your voice heard to prevent another giveaway to corporate interests. 

On April 6, the D.C. Circuit Court appeared to strike a serious blow against net neutrality – the idea that internet service providers like Comcast, AT&T and Verizon should treat all customers equally as opposed to acting as gatekeepers over what you can see and do online.

But as often is the case, what the media has reported doesn't really tell the full story.  According to media reform organization Free Press, The Federal Communications Commission could implement a simple fix, completely within the FCC’s authority, that would reverse the impact of the ruling.  There is no need for congress to pass new legislation.

The fact is that the April 6 ruling was based on the FCC’s own decision during the Bush Administration to classify broadband internet service as something different from other telecommunications, so the FCC would have less ability to regulate it.  As we well know, the Bush administration pushed deregulation, which gives big corporations more power, at virtually every opportunity. 

Access to a free and open internet is very important.  Please sign our petition urging the FCC to re-classify broadband providers as telecommunications service providers, thereby re-establishing the FCC’s power to protect net neutrality.  We will deliver the petition signatures to the FCC, and continue to keep you informed on this issue.

Letter to
Chairman Julius Genachowski
Commissioner Robert McDowell
Commissioner Mignon Clyburn
and 3 others
Commissioner Michael J. Copps
Commissioner Meredith Attwell Baker
President of the United States
The DC Circuit Court's recent ruling on broadband could severely restrict the free flow of information on the Internet and has serious implications for our Democracy.

I urge you to re-assert your authority in this matter by reclassifying broadband as a "telecommunications service" and to establish regulations that protect network neutrality.