Tell Metro: Fund Community Transit to L.A. County Public Lands!

Tell Metro: Fund Community Transit to L.A. County Public Lands!

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Why this petition matters

How do you get to L.A.'s mountains, beaches, regional parks and nature without transportation? Do you want to use public transit to access public lands but there is no service, or it takes too long?

All of L.A. County’s communities deserve access to parks and nature, but because of income, inequity and geography, many do not have access to the outdoors.

Join organizations and community members asking Metro to fund and prioritize services that connect L.A. County’s low-income communities of color to parks, trails and beaches with active, shared and public transit, through the upcoming Metro Transit to Parks Strategic Plan.

“As the region’s biggest mobility provider, Metro recognizes a striking need to provide better access to parks and open space for the County’s 10.1 million residents and 48.3 million annual visitors.” - Metro

We, the public, call on Metro to take action on the Metro Transit to Parks Strategic Plan prioritizing services that directly benefit low-income people of color in L.A. County, with outcomes and funding for:

  1. A full time Transit to Parks Coordinator.
  2. The pilot projects identified in the Strategic Plan, to create transit connections to: Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area (Baldwin Hills), Hansen Dam Park (San Fernando Valley), Green Line to Beach Cities Circulator (South Bay), and Chantry Flat/San Gabriel Mountains Connector (San Gabriel Valley), requiring two years of planning and operation funding.
  3. At least 5 regional community bus programs that provide transit to the mountains, regional destinations and beaches.
  4. Metro marketing assistance for implementation of items 1, 2 & 3.
  5. Meeting the goal of reducing the number of people who lack access to parks by 5% annually. Use the data in the Transit to Parks Strategic Plan to identify the baseline number of Los Angeles County residents who lack either a 10 minute walk or ride to a park under 2019 conditions. Commit to update the data in congruence with the LA County Park Needs Assessment every 5-8 years.

Supporters: You can make a difference! On June 27, 2019 at 9:30 a.m. we need to  show public support for funding these programs. The Plan is scheduled for presentation to Metro's Board of Directors Meeting.  Location: One Gateway Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90012, 3rd Floor, Metro Board Room.

As Metro acknowledges in the draft plan, expanding access is a key priority for our region:

  • “Only 15% of the region’s population has pedestrian access to parks or green spaces.”
  • “LA County has a wealth of open space and recreational assets, but often these places are out of reach for County residents, particularly lower income, disadvantaged communities.”
  • “Lack of transportation access is the #1 or 2 barrier to accessing public parks and open space in the LA region.”
  • “22% of high-quality parks do not have direct transportation access, and the number is much higher for large open spaces like mountains, trails and beaches.”

Thank you for your support. Access to parks is an equity and social justice issue that makes our communities healthier, both physically and mentally.  We'll keep you updated on this issue and see you at the Metro Board meeting on June 27!

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298 have signed. Let’s get to 500!