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Tell FCC to stop Paywalls that could take Free and Open Internet away.

Is your favorite news site behind a paywall or going behind one in the future? If so,you are not alone.With in the past few year many newspaper publications are trying a new business model to charge for content online but they don't realize that these paywalls are taking the openness and freedom away from the internet. What is a paywall?

A paywall blocks access to a web page with a screen requiring payment and most news media sites are erecting them because their ad revenue is down and they think charging users/readers will help increase revenue but a survey from this source shows that nearly 3/4 of the people said they would not pay for news online but news publishers are still not listening.So who has or who will have a paywall on their site.Some have full paywalls,some have metered models which limit you 5-30 pages a month before asking you to pay a subscription to continue reading.

Ones who have paywalls: NYTimes,Financial Times,Dallas Morning News,The Times(UK),The Wall Street Journal,and a dozen news sites have a paywall from Journalism Online llc "Press+" which is urging 1500 other news publications and websites to use a paywall.

Who will have a paywall:Boston Globe,The Telegraph in Britain,SF Chronicle,1500 news media sites who signed with "Press+",and a dozen are testing a paywall from Google.Yes Google is getting into this as well and sadly paywalls pose a threat in the near future to ending the open and free internet we all love and making it into a closed and expensive internet we would hate.

So why is the news media charging online now? Because the newspaper industry is dying out and more people are using their computer,cellphone,or mobile device to get their news and because AD revenue is not helping them make money.Why is ad revenue not helping the news industry? Well for one thing they don't draw any attention to the reader and ads are built to interest,attract,and draw the readers attention not annoy them.TV ads,Business ads,food ads,and local ads usually do the best in my opinion.The other reason why they are charging is to preserve the quality of the content and journalism which makes no since to anyone including me.The best way to make content and journalism great quality is to read it,not pay for it.The internet is built to be free and open like the FCC but is a paywall keeping internet free and open? I don't think so.I would say they are making internet closed and locked up until you pay for it.

If you want free news online on your favorite news source like you always had until it asked you to pay for it with the paywall or more importantly a free and open internet.I urge you to stand up today and tell the FCC and or Congress to make laws that tear down or stop paywalls from taking affect and encourage the News media to use better ad revenue models by putting up better ads that draw attention to the reader.Please sign this petition so we can save our money for something better. So tell the FCC or if you want to tell Congress that you are fed up with these paywalls popping up on your favorite news source you follow everyday.

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We are loyal readers to online news and journalism.We respect and value news content and journalism but we are not happy with the new business model of putting up a paywall when we would normally get the news online for free.Paying for quality content and reading quality content are two different things.Quality content and or journalism can be free on the internet.We urge you to urge news media and newspaper sources to change their business model by please telling them to tear down their paywall and to go back to the regular ad revenue business model that works.

We know the news industry is struggling during the recession/financial crisis and the reason is most people are going to digital devices like computers,mobile devices,and cellphones for the news and we know ad revenues are going down but a Pew Research showed that 3/4 of the survey takers said they would not pay for the news online.Smaller opinion polls from other websites show just about same thing with a vast majority of the people not wanting to pay for news online.Many people who use to read your news for free either went to a free news media site or watched it on television in fact when you announced putting up a paywall, many comments said that they opposed the plan and that they would find news else where for free.The reason people won't pay for news online is because the internet is built to be free,open,and unlimited and we enjoy it that way for the past two decades and paywalls actually devalue quality content because less people read it.Why you are not getting enough ad revenue is because the ad isn't attractive or it doesn't draw the public's attention and a ad should be built to attract and draw attention to your readers.I suggest popular movie ads,food ads,shopping ads,or even ads for the local area.Ads should be built to attract the reader not annoy the reader and ads should be built help provide revenue for the news media in order to keep it going.

The best way for content and journalism to be quality content is to read it,not pay for it and the more people read and share your content,the better quality it becomes.We want to read the news content for free and we hate to go to other sources but with the paywall many have fled to read news elsewhere and it doesn't need to be that way.We urge you to tear down or abolish the paywall business model and replace it with attractive advertisements.That would be a great business model that will make us happy.We hope you take time to read this and remember reading makes the quality in content,Paying doesn't so I urge you to make laws that end paywalls and enhance better advertisements for news media sites to help them with revenue.Thank you and please keep the internet free forever.

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