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Tell Congress to Suspend Aid to Liability State of Israel


BREAKING: The Israeli Navy has killed and wounded dozens of brave humanitarian aid activists who were aboard ships that were carrying humanitarian aid to the 1.5 million people in Gaza who are living under an Israeli-imposed siege.

President Obama promised to "make a personal commitment to do all I can to advance the cause of [Israeli-Palestinian] peace from the start of my Administration."

However, Obama is neither condemning Israel for its recent unprovoked attack on the Gaza Freedom flotilla nor suspending military aid to the state. As part of a ten-year agreement totaling $30 billion, the President is asking for $2.775 billion in weapons for Israel.

Ask President Obama and Congress to hold Israel accountable for its misuse of U.S. military aid to attack international human rights activists and occupy Palestinian lands. Our country’s foreign policy should promote human rights, not enable countries to violate them.

Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
President of the United States
As your constituent, I want you to condemn the recent Israeli attacks on the Gaza flotilla and oppose all aid to Israel till a fair and impartial investigation of this assault.

In 2003, an Israeli military bulldozer killed Rachel Corrie, an American member of the International Solidarity Movement.

On 11 April 2003, Tom Hurndall, a British volunteer for the International Solidarity Movement, was fatally shot in the head by an IDF sniper in the Gaza Strip.

And now Israel has attacked a group of international human rights activists, including American citizens, who were simply trying to get aid to the occupied territory of Gaza. Enough is enough.

The international community, including the UN Council of Elders, is strongly condemning the Israeli government's action. But the United States response has been mild and non-committal on the issue. This is unacceptable.

Israel is becoming a liability to the United States and I want you to strongly condemn Israel for this violation of human rights and international law.

Additionally, I strongly also urge you to vote against the $2.775 billion in military aid to Israel that the White House is requesting for the FY2010 budget.

Our taxpayer dollars should go to promoting peace and rebuilding our economy, not killing civilians and flaunting the rule of law.

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