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Tell Congress to pass "Billy's Law" to help identify the missing

"Billy's Law" sits in two pieces in Congress:  H.R. 1300 and S.R. 702.  And that's how our nation's databases sit, disconnected, in the forms of the Department of Justice "NaMUs" database and the FBI's "Missing Persons Database."  Pass the Bills into law and you'll connect the databases to help find those who have gone missing and those who are "unidentified" remains.

Billy's Law passed the House last term in 2010, but never left the Senate Judiciary Committee.  This legislation was recently reintroduced.

Our goal is to bring the voice of The People to The Hill on behalf of the missing.

We bring this Petition on behalf of our classmate and friend, George DeLany, Jr.  He disappeared from Rochester Institute of Technology (NY) on March 12, 2011 and was found on April 17, 2011, sadly, to have died.  We had to wait less than 24-hours for DNA testing to confirm that it was George who had been found.  

Many families have been waiting for years for news of their loved ones.  And many people who have died, have done so without identification and await their final journey home.

Billy's Law is named in honor of Billy Smolinski, Jr., who went missing more than six years ago, and has yet to be found.

Won't you lend your name to this worthy cause?  Put the best of the technology that our nation has to offer to work for those who are missing.

Thank you.  James, Lelah, D.J., Alex, Amber, Ed, Matt, Ben, Taryn, Michael, Daniel, Jonathan, and Paloma

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Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
President of the United States
This letter is a call to action to the House, Senate, and President to enact "Billy's Law" (H.R. 1300 & S.R. 702).

The Bureau of Justice Statistics estimated in 2007 that more than 40,000 human remains were unidentified and being held in Coroner's Offices nationwide. This amounts to a national tragedy for the missing, their families, and friends.

All available technology should be brought together to assist in the search for the missing, including the Department of Justice "NaMUs" database and the FBI's NCIC database.

Please take action today to advance, sign, and implement this important legislation.

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