Tell Congress to Eliminate the Cap on Crime Victim Visas

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U visas, also known as crime victim visas, are providing to undocumented immigrants who are the victims of domestic abuse, sexual assault, human trafficking, or other violent crimes who cooperate with law enforcement to put the perpetrators behind bars.

These visas can have a real impact on reducing violent crime and human trafficking by encouraging undocumented victims who otherwise fear detention and deportation to go to the authorities.

However, these visas are capped at 10,000, and this fiscal year's supply have already been used up. The government should not be imposing an arbitrary limit on visas that should go to every victim who qualifies.

Think about it this way: 10,000 victims visas means 10,000 violent criminals who law enforcement is able to investigate and prosecute. We should offer as many visas as there are victims, to protect both those individuals and the public from as many dangerous criminals as possible.

Tell Congress to do away with the cap on crime victim visas.

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This petition had 388 supporters

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