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Tell Congress Cc President Obama Marijuana - Alcohol Facts.

03/19/12 UPDATE: This action is still HOT and is a great way to "educate" our mis-representatives and all those who have "bought" the "Reefer Madness" propaganda.

For those of you who would like to take the quiz, you need to do so BEFORE you read the petition below, which gives away the answers - otherwise skip directly to the petition.

This quiz is a project of the Marijuana Policy Project Foundation.

MPP's new Potentially Deadly Alcohol and Marijuana Quiz
will let you test how much you know about the relative harms of these two substances. If you get a question wrong, the quiz will have you "take a shot" of alcohol. At the end, the quiz calculates your blood alcohol content based on the number of shots you had to take in relation to your weight. Ace the quiz and you will be "stone cold sober." But if you flounder, you could wind up dead.
Of course these are imaginary "shots".      


How much do you know about the relative harms of alcohol and marijuana?

Here is some info from MPP's new Potentially Deadly Alcohol and Marijuana Quiz ...  ...
from the Marijuana Policy Project Foundation.

It is info about alcohol and marijuana that is important to take into consideration with respect to the prohibitioin issue:

Open "LETTER" below for transcription of answers to the quiz.



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