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Tell Beacon Hill to get its Priorities Straight: Save the MBTA by ending Corporate Welfare!

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The MBTA, which services nearly 1.5 million riders a day, faces a $161 million budget deficit, because of $2 billion in Big Dig debt dropped on their back by Beacon Hill. 

Because of that, the MBTA plans to raise fares by 35-43% and make cuts that would eliminate as many as 38.1 million rides a year from being serviced.

These fare hikes and service cuts would send the MBTA into a death spiral, crushing the economy, job growth and the state's tourism industry -- never mind the most important thing: the basic ability of 1.5 million people to get from Point A to Point B.

But it doesn't have to be this way! 

There's an easy way out of this mess. The state has something called a Film Tax Credit which pays for 25% of all of a film's costs, including millionaire salaries, costing the state $146 million last year alone.

Movie studios are also exempt from paying sales taxes or hiring Massachusetts employees, who'd pay Massachusetts income taxes.

This is corporate welfare, pure and simple, and it's something this state cannot afford. That $146 million almost plugs the entire MBTA budget deficit. 

According to the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, the Film Tax Credit cost over $170k per job created and few of those jobs are Massachusetts-based.

According to the DOR's own numbers, we actually lose jobs as a state because the money is spent so inefficiently -- the opportunity cost of no-strings corporate welfare.

Our politicians have a clear choice: protect Hollywood special interests, or the millions of Massachusetts residents who rely on having a strong public transportation system.

Beacon Hill caused this mess, when it dropped billions of Big Dig debt on the MBTA, and Beacon Hill should have to fix it.

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