Keep Our Park 5G Free (Sunset Park, Tampa)

Keep Our Park 5G Free (Sunset Park, Tampa)

March 8, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Heather Van Nest

Please sign our petition and join the Sunset Park Neighborhood Association (SPAHA) in Tampa, Florida as we pressure ATT to move this 5G cell tower from our new, public neighborhood park.

SPAHA has worked hard to raise money to create a nature-based, children's neighborhood park in our residential area.

Just as the city of Tampa is getting ready to break ground on the new park this summer, ATT quietly put up this new 5G cell tower at the entrance!

The new park is located at 2711 North Dundee Street near Westshore and Bay-to-Bay Boulevard.

*The new 5G tower does not belong in a children's park

*5G towers in residential areas decrease property values and increase 24/7 electromagnetic radiation near homes

*SPAHA wants the 5G cell tower moved 3 blocks away to a nearby business district--NOT in a residential area 

* Other cities in the U.S. & worldwide have passed legislation to restrict 5G towers from residential areas or force 1500 foot setbacks away from homes, schools, parks and hospitals

*We need to send a strong message to move this 5G tower before other competing telecom companies push to create a 5G tower garden in the public park--similar to Walgreens popping up near a CVS store

*The Insurance Authority Swiss Re classifies 5G as a "high" emerging risk

*State lawmakers passed legislation in 2017 that gave away most public right-of-ways, including in front of your home, to allow 5G towers, every 500ft!

It's time to get educated, take action and make a difference!

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Signatures: 539Next Goal: 1,000
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