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Save the Enterprise CVN-65 from slipping beneath the waves of History unseen.

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At a very young age, the first Navy vessel I stepped aboard was the USS Texas, a WW1 era battleship, and I was amazed by the presence a single ship and the story of the men and women who serve aboard them.  The ability to walk where history was made and where sailors bled and died is humbling.  It is museum ships like them that stoked the love for history in me.  My visit to the Lexington, berthed in Corpus Christi, only increased that love not to mention the shock and awe at seeing something the size of a carrier.  That is what museum ships do; they instill a love and respect for history and for those who should be remembered. 

The US Navy has had eight ships bearing the name Enterprise yet not one has been preserved.  The USS Enterprise CV-6 that served in WW2, the most decorated US navy ship ever, was scrapped in 1958 and thus will never be able to be seen or tell her own story.  Now her relative, CVN-65, is threatened to be lost to us again.  CVN-65 was the first US Carrier to hold a nuclear reactor and served longer than any other US Navy vessel.  She saw the birth of the jet fighter in the Cuban missile crisis.  She served through the Vietnam war and has been active in both seas sailing in defense of freedom and all we hold dear back home.  As Winston Churchill said, coined from George Santayana, "Those who can not remember the past, are condemned to repeat it".  We as humans relate our learning with things whether it be a person or an inanimate object.  How are we to remember her history and the men and women who have served aboard her if we loose another Enterprise to the fog of the past.  I call for the US Navy to save the Enterprise and allow her to be made into a Museum Ship for people to learn of her and her previous namesakes.  Per her own mottos, "We are Legend ready on arrival the first and the finest eight reactors none faster".  As Captain Picard said (from Star Trek The Next Generation: Yesterday's Enterprise), "Let's make sure history never forgets the name... ENTERPRISE".

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