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What is Amino?

Amino is a social media app available for iOS and Android. Users of the app are allowed to join and create communities of their own on a variety of subjects. Some examples of some Amino communities led by Amino users are Horror Amino, Anime Amino, and Stranger Things Amino, just to name a few of the thousands of communities available.

What is Amino+?

Amino+ is a membership subscription which allows users to gain access to additional content for purchase within real life currency or coins you can earn through the app. The current offers for memberships are $2.99 per one month (or 499 coins), $6.99 per three months (or 1499 coins), $25.99 per 12 months or one year (for 5999 coins). The extra content that is advertised as coming with a membership is "Tons of Stickers", "All the Moods", "Custom Chat Bubbles", "High-Res Images", "Cool Badge", and "Avatars+".

What is the problem?

The methods of offering and their implementation are found to be very disagreeable. Currently, after purchasing a subscription a member is expected to continually renew it. Members of Amino+ gain access to the options to additionally purchase perks such as stickers and chat bubbles. The more that this is bought into the more it will grow and develop. We want to influence Amino+ to develop in a way that we as members will buy into and what will simultaneously allow Team Amino to make the money they need to develop Amino and for Narvii to pay their employees.

 What do we expect?

If Amino is going to ask members to pay for a subscription we expect to receive access to the features advertised before making a membership purchase. Members should not be asked to buy into the Amino coin currency.

Demand #1

Eliminate the subscription service and open up key basic features like high-resolution images for public use while charging for stickers and chat bubbles and begin selling merchandise based on the different communities that are created on Amino.

Demand #2

Leaders of Amino communities, those who have dedicated much of their time to Amino and in turn promoting its growth should be permitted to earn free membership based on the amount of moderation and time spent on the Aminos for Leaders of Listed Amino communities.


We users of Amino, collectively, have the power to voice our concerns and redirect the path that Amino is to take. Those who sign this petition affirms that they WILL NOT purchase Amino+ in its current state. Not until the proper changes according to our demands are made, will we consider partaking in Amino+. There is power in numbers and only if we make the stand together will we be able to make a clear statement to Team Amino and Narvii. 

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