No school or ECE during Alert level 3.

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During Alert level 3, other industries will have NO physical or face to face contact with customers/clients.

- Businesses can open, however, staff cannot PHYSICALLY come into contact with customers.

- 1 metre distance is required between people in the workplace.

Early Childhood Educators cannot do their job without PHYSICAL contact with children. Children will need lots of cuddles and reassurance after we come out of lockdown.

Children cannot distance 1 metre from each other, an infant does not know what 1 metre is or looks like, nor does a child of 2 or 5 years. 

By returning to work, we are expanding  our social bubbles. If one child comes from a family of 4, we have just essentially increased our social bubble by 4. If we care for 8 children (each with 4 family members) that's 32 extra people we essentially share our bubble with. Not to mention, the children are exposed to this increase too. Now think of how many ECE centres there are in the country...

I understand that with New Zealand's workforce estimated to grow to 1 million people at alert level 3 they need someone to look after their children, however the question I would pose is who looked after the children  of those deemed essential at alert level 4 when Early Childhood Education was not considered essential and our centres were shut? Can't parents in "safe workplaces" at alert level 3 come to a similar arrangement?

COVID-19 does not discriminate and will infect people both big and small, so why is it that we are required to have physical contact and come face to face with people, when other businesses cannot physically interact with customers for their own safety and risk of community transmission (at Alert level 3)

To protect ourselves, our students/ children, and our very own families, we need to see a change.

Please sign my petition -No schools or ECE centres to open during Alert level 3.

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