cancellation of ICSE 10th board examinations due to the current outbreak of COVID-19

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Due to the current outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, for the sake of health reasons, I believe that it is the need of the hour to have the ICSE board examinations for grade 10 canceled. 

The number of cases are not decreasing anytime soon and I believe that at this point having the examinations is just a formality by the ICSE board. 

Considering we have all been promoted to grade 11 already and began studying the syllabus, conducting the exams now seems irrelevant. 

Health of the students must be the number one priority during this trying time and we as a community must take action against this wrong that could possibly be done. 

Conducting the board examinations of class 10 will cause us to lag behind with our grade 11 syllabus, which seems far more imperative to complete as of right now. 

Help us from this injustice. 

We must take effective action against the spread of COVID-19 by not conducting the board examinations. 

-Samira Bhayana and Reyna Singh.