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Teach Animal Rights In All Schools Around The World Beginning At Nursery Level

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It is urgent that a Federal mandate be developed implementing a full and complete, credit-earning and compulsory scholastic course that teaches proper ways to perceive and treat sentient beings. A course that should be taught in all public and private schools right along with reading, writing, and arithmetic, beginning in kindergarten or nursery school and continuing throughout high school.

The United States can lead this effort, giving other countries the template needed to improve their own animal suffering and abuse problems. Children who do not receive proper structure and a proper education regarding the suffering of other beings on this planet, are more likely to cause great harm to humans later in life. We cannot depend on parental figures to teach children respect for other living beings. We demand that a full course be taught in schools around the world, beginning at the nursery level, and for all home schooled children. Some people just don't know what constitutes abuse. Children need to be taught proper methods and the many reasons why we must treat animals with the kindness, respect, and liberties they are born with and deserve as fellow beings on this planet. The animals have rights, we have rights, we demand these rights here and now! 1. There must be a core curriculum teaching respect and kindness to all animals. 2. Lawmakers must comprehend the true underlying meaning of what animal abuse is and make strong penalties.. 3. Teachings should include all aspects of animal abuse; Food animals, Animal testing, Entertainment abuse, animal skins, overpopulation, protecting wild animals, the rights of animals as described by accredited and approved ethical representatives from all realms of animal rights, welfare, and abolitionists, and more.

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