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School's Acknowledgement of the Parking Issue

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Tauranga Girls' College empowering tomorrows women, yesterday. When our school was built girls did not stay to the age where they would drive and they thought girls would never drive to the extent as nowadays. However times have changed and I believe our school needs to adapt to the growing independence of our young women. Tauranga Girls' College have indicated that it is a privilege to be gaining our own transport to school. I understand this is not a quick fix issue and I am not asking for a three story parking building, just for the school to acknowledge it as an issue that needs to be faced.

With the bus fares, which were previously free, now constantly increasing ($60 dollars a week to send the students in my family to our school) and our parents demanding financial and transportation independence of us, the only way to school for many students is through driving. Many students have experienced cars being broken into or vandilised when parking in neighboring side streets.. Some girls have stated they felt unsafe walking to their cars alone and had to ask their friends to assist them in order to feel comfortable. If we are in constant fear of parking I believe our school should be helping us. Our education should be something enjoyable, not something that scares us when we think about how we get to and from our place of schooling.

With the amount of supplies we have to bring to school (as an art students: three folders, tripod, camera, laptop etc.) and the imperfect weather throughout half the year it is unreasonable to expect us to walk half an hour to school through rain, especially with various electronic devices and important resources, just in order to get to school. 

If an issue is causing so much trouble towards students and teachers alike I believe our school should be able to acknowledge it as a school issue and not something to be brushed aside or ignored. We feel as though our voices are not being heard and would like to work together with Tauranga Girls' College to come up with an appropriate solution to this issue that is affecting students every day - both mentally and physically. I want the school to work with us not against us - a "teacher vs student" approach is not what we are after, it should be us collaborating on a way to help solve the issue rather than just leaving us to suffer and feel anxious. I believe an issue to students should be an issue to their school and I am asking Tauranga Girls' College to acknowledge the parking issue at our school and consider planning a way to solve it. 

Please Tauranga Girls' College acknowledge we have an issue with parking and help us to begin to solve it rather than punishing us for wanting to affordably get to school.

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