Save Martha Lavinia Beach, King Island From Salmon Farms

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The petition of the undersigned,

- Citizens of Tasmania, Australia and Overseas

draws to the attention of the House the proposal to establish sea caged salmon farming east of Martha Lavinia Beach on King Island.

Martha Lavinia is a world class beach break on King Island in Bass Strait. Perfect ‘A-frame’ waves are formed by swell wrapping around both sides of the island and it is a truly unique natural wonder of the Australian surf scene.

Tassal has been granted a permit to undertake investigative work with regard to establishing a salmon farm immediately east of Martha Lavinia Beach.

Our concerns should a salmon farm be developed include,

  • Potential impacts on the quality of the surfing waves due to fish pen structures and infrastructure impeding currents and the size and strength of swells.
  • Damage to the iconic King Island brand which is reliant on a pristine environment for it’s seafood, dairy & beef industries, kelp harvesting, and tourism.
  • Potential for the loss of recreational access to coastal areas on the east side of the island.
  • Pollution such as excess feed pellets and untreated fish excreta could wash up on the beaches, cause increased nutrient loads, decreased dissolved oxygen levels and threaten ecosystems and natural fisheries.
  • Introduction of disease and parasites into the sea from salmon farm(s).
  • Marine debris from fish pen infrastructure, rope, pipe and nets.
  • Seals may be attracted to the smorgasbord of fish leading to increased shark numbers.
  • Risk to species such as the eastern curlew, black faced cormorant, white faced storm petrel, white bellied sea eagle, orange bellied parrot, long nosed fur seal, the vulnerable fairy tern and vulnerable and endangered whale species which migrate through the permit area.

Your Petitioners therefore request the House to exclude the waters of King Island from the potential grow zone for salmon farming.