Remove gender coding (pink and blue) walls from toy aisles.

Remove gender coding (pink and blue) walls from toy aisles.

April 13, 2014
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Started by Wendi Kent

The colored walls immediately insinuate that there are "boy toys" and girl toys". 

This is not the first petition asking for this--Please look: 

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is contributing to gender stereotypes and gender segregation by having pink and blue pegboards to identify particular toys (and aisles) as "girl toys" and "boy toys". It has been proven that not only is this bad for our childrens' self-esteem and intellectual prowess, but also contributes to bullying and ostracism. 

Target has already been called out for this behavior. Another petition similar to this one was delivered but with just over 1,000 signatures. As far as I can tell, they didn't listen. 

Ultimately, we would like to see Target sort toys by subject, the same way we do books, but we understand this is a difficult task to jump right into so we would like them to just take the first step right now, which is simply removing thegender coding colored walls. 

All toys should be available for all children. A boy should not feel unwelcome or dissuaded to explore baking toys because they are in an aisle that has been predefined as being "for girls" by being smothered in hot pink. He has probably already heard by boys at school that pink is for girls and therefore, he will immediately reject this aisle only to find out that there are no cooking options for him in his designated, "boy toys" aisle. 

Our girls bypass the blue aisles only to find they have no Legos or construction vehicles. Instead, the wall is lined with cooking, cleaning, and baby doll toys in that order, contributing to the harmful gender stereotype that: women are domestic creatures. 

  • The water toy aisle pegboard walls are lined with aqua and white reflections. 
  • The U.S. handmade toys in a yellow aisle.

    These colors are obviously meant to color code the aisles and the toys that are in them.

Using gender stereotypes is NOT an acceptable way to organize toys that should be for all children. 

Not only is this bad for children, it is bad for business. Open your toy aisles to all children and you will see a change not only in your profits but in the world as well.
Target, YOU can lead the way and say sexism is not o.k. and no child should question their own desires and wishes to drive a garbage truck, cook, clean, or construct buildings. 

Please sign this petition. We all want only what is best for our children for they are our future engineers, stay at home dads, chefs, and mothers. They need to know they can be anyone and anything they want to be from the very start. 
UPDATE: If you are here questioning the validity of this concern, please actually read more about the issue. There are several links to some very good articles above. If you are questioning it because you believe your child doesn't have this problem, congratulations! That's awesome, but know that your child's experience is not representative of all children. Children are being bullied, harassed, physical tormented, and ostracized at school and at home. Dozens are driven to suicide everyday as a result. A lot of this comes from incidents such as a boy wearing a pink backpack. That comes from gender stereotypes, those stereotypes are solidified and encouraged by practices such as Target's. 

That crushes me and I can't imagine not addressing at least one root cause of this and I just can't understand anyone who isn't interested in doing the same. 

It is very difficult to admit that we do not directly create trends but instead, are manipulated into continuing them and that is what we have done because let's face it: It's easier to not say anything and just keep shopping than it is to stand up for what is right and maybe have to sacrifice some convenience. I believe our children and future adults deserve better. It didn't used to be this way. It doesn't have to be now. 

I never want to see another little boy second guess his instinct to get a doll from the pink aisle because his father leads the way to the blue aisle. I never want to hear another little girl say "Nevermind then" when told that the microscopes are in the 'boy's aisle' and if you've never witnessed that, you're lucky but all you have to do is stand in a toy section for 10 minutes and I guarantee it will happen. 


Are there other perpetrators of this? Of course! And we can only hope they will follow suit when Target decides to lead the way and prove that enabling the gender bias doesn't pay. 

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And there has actually been a victory!

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Another victory for Australian online customers!-



This petition made change with 3,223 supporters!

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