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Petitioning Mayor Col Murray and 7 others

Tamworth Regional Council & Joint Regional Planning Panel: Say "No!", to Australia's BIGGEST intensive chicken farm being built in Manilla's (NSW) water catchment area.

Baiada Poultry is seeking approval to build a 70 shed, 2.94 million chicken, broiler factory farm at Strathfield, North East of Manilla. The community’s concern is not only the massive size of the development, but also the adverse effect on the local community due to its location. This intensive chicken farm will be the largest in Australia and will located within our town’s vital water catchment area.

 Therefore of major concern is possible water contamination upstream from Manilla’s town water supply, being only 2.3km from the Namoi River. Additionally the high water usage associated with a development of this extreme size; which would most certainly put pressure on this pristine resource, should be of equal concern.

One of the largest impacts will be from the heavy traffic flow, to and from the farms. These would include 30 truck and 72 light vehicle movements per day (ref: PSA Consulting 2013)  going past the cemetery & tennis courts, over the Manilla Bridge, past the primary school, the Town Pool, Coronation Children’s Playground and the local Day Care centre. The dust and noise caused by such movements on roads past rural houses between Strathfield and through Central Manilla would be excessive.

Additionally, a poultry farm of this size will certainly produce both odour (a major problem with broiler farm management), and run off of animal and chemical waste.

The development which has been described as a great opportunity for Manilla will only provide 15 full time jobs (ref: PSA Consulting 2013)

The Manilla community is therefore asking both Tamworth Regional Council and the Joint Regional Planning Panel to reject unequivocally, the location of the Baiada Development due to the impingement on the Manilla Community and its surrounding environment.

Letter to
Mayor Col Murray
Deputy Mayor Russell Webb
Councillor Phil Betts
and 5 others
Councillor Tim Coates
Councillor Helen Tickle
Councillor JAmes Treloar
Councillor Juanita Wilson
Councillor Warren Woodley
Say "No!", to Australia's BIGGEST intensive chicken farm being built in Manilla's (NSW) water catchment area.