Justice for Jonas Joseph

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Hello ,

My name is Jonas Joseph and I am asking for the justice that was rightfully deserved for me and my family. I died on 4/28/2020 a result of police brutality.I got stopped and killed in my front yard that involved in my death. Lots of stories went out incriminating me for my past like I didn’t have a future. I was a son, brother,cousin,uncle,and friend. The news incriminated me quickly based off my past and said I was involved in police shootout based off what authorities supposedly said when the authorities said I never left my car. Something they had to retract as it made no sense.Witnesses said I never left my car. I was ambushed  from the little proof video my family was able to obtain I was hit from behind by an unmarked vehicle. The Tampa Police Department refuses to provide video of the scene.Bodycams/ Dashcams that are meant to protect us all is not being shown. My family continuously asked for footage and it is being denied.I had over 60 bullets shot at me that the back of my head was unrecognizable as I was ambushed from behind.My funeral was open casket so that the world could see what was done to me.My mother broke down at the injustice that was done to her youngest for so long. I longed to change the world. I preregistered for college.Had gotten my license. Bringing my family together was what I aimed to do.I enjoyed representing my family’s descendant’s country by going to Haiti and helping out in the community and with the locals.My life is worth just as much as any human being on this planet. Was worth just as much as the cops who gunned me down like I was not a human being. There are questions to be asked and time that answers should be given cause what the police is given as a explanation is making no sense and neither are these copy and pasted articles from the news. It’s time for justice! #JusticeforJonasJoseph