Judicial Probe for Pollachi Rapists - Justice for Pollachi Rape Victims

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The pollachi rape case is sending shivers down the spine! Why ? It is not just one #Nirbhaya but numerous Nirbhayas!! This crime of trapping women in the name of love and exploiting them sexually has been going on from 2011. A shocking number, not 1 not 10 not 50.. 200 women have been affected all the way from innocent school students to house wives.

They follow a specific elaborate pattern to trap the women . One is they are targeted with fake IDs on social media . Blackmailed after a few intimate talks when fall for the unassuming sweet talks in the name of true love .

Second young girls are targeted in the name of love. Fake parents are introduced . They they are sexually exploited and intimate videos are recorded , all in the name of love . Then they are Gang raped, beaten with belts etc and if they refuse to cooperate once they realize the truth, the videos are shot and further sexual abuse is continued. These videos are then used to blackmail them and these girls are sent off to higher officials for getting illegal work done. We can see two girls pleading with accused. One is pleading with the accused while she has been stripped and being taped, and the other is begging not to be belted for not removing her clothes. Their screams are heart wrenching.

Third house wives are taped and their husbands are blackmailed to pay crores and crores of ransom money to save the family name.

It has come to light, after one girl bravely came out to complain about it to the police. The 4 out of 20 accused were arrested and remanded to judicial custody. The brother of the girl who complained was assaulted by 3 people, to intimidate the victim and they were arrested and released in just 3 days.

The name of the victim has also be revealed by police which is against the law and highly irresponsible behavior on the part of the police.

Whatever happened to justice for women?

Who is hindering the arrest of the accused?

Why are the higher officials still silent about it?

Ensure justice by forming a committee headed with a woman judge with judicial commission in camera, with two amicus Curie, one definitely a woman among them as women are sensitive to woman's need. The high court judge should also be a woman, all woman team from Steno to typists, sworn in to secrecy, if needed add Mrs.Amutha I.A.S from bureaucracy and bring justice to the 200 plus women affected. What is the use of Women day’s celebration if we cannot guarantee safety and justice to our women folks in this 21st Century?


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