Freedom For ChinnaThambi

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Who is ChinnaThambi and why should he be free? First, to understand his history, read this:

Chinnathambi is a 25-year-old wild elephant who roamed freely in the outskirts of Coimbatore (Thadagam to be precise, 7 kms from the city), which means he has technically lived just half his life free as a wild animal should. A stubborn cartel of local farmers, local illegal land mine owners and brick chamber owners forced forest department to translocate him.

He was captured from Thadagam and translocated to Varakaliyar near Topslip (80kms from Coimbatore) last week. Yesterday, our young man has walked more than 50kms and has got nto Angalakuruchi village in Pollachi. He has now been seen moving around freely - moving seamlessly from forest to village and back, but completely harmless and incident free so far. 

However, as our forest department does with all wildlife, THE TN FOREST DEPARTMENT IS INTENDING TO CAPTURE CHINNATHAMBI AND KEEP HIM CAPTIVE!! Now why are we against that?

The TN Forest Department, recently did that same thing with another elephant - ‘Madukkarai Maharaj’, a wild elephant who died at the elephant camp after he was captured. IN FRUSTRATION OF BEING HELP CAPTIVE, HE KEPT BANGING HIS HEAD AGAINST THE RAILINGS OF HIS CAGE, suffered multiple fractures on his forehead and other injuries while trying to free himself - and succumbed to his injuries! More details here: all, which animal like to remain captive? It is even suspected that he was given an overdose of medicines that hastened his death!

The government is incapable of keeping elephants safe, and will do anything to please the local mafia and villagers. JUST HOW MANY ANIMALS WILL WE KEEP SACRIFICING to keep humans happy? Please share ChinnaThmabi's story extensively - let us ensure we collectively raise our voice to keep ChinnaThambi FREE!!#FreedomForChinnaThambi#LetWildAnimalsBeInTheWild #AnimalsHaveRightsToo