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To the BBC,

When we asked for representation, we weren't expecting this mockery.

The BBC have recently published a documentary titled 'Iraq's Secret Sex Trade', in which they go undercover to reveal the heinous crimes committed by a number of men who claim to follow the Shia faith. 

Instead of making a documentary about the world's largest, peaceful, annual pilgrimage held in Iraq, hosting 20 million people each year; the BBC have decided to cherry-pick a handful of misguided men who do not represent Shia Islam in any way, shape or form to tarnish the image of Iraq and Shias worldwide. Ayatollah Sistani (a highly revered Shia cleric), who the oppressors claim to follow, strongly condemned the act. This is featured in the programme, but nonetheless his condemnation of the act was not stressed as much as the fact that the oppressors in the programme claim to be Shia. 

Furthemore, the female interviewees featured in the programme were unaware of its purpose. They did not know that it was being used to belittle Shia Islam and they did not know their own words would be used against their faith. They were under the impression that they were complaining about their oppressors, not their religion. 

To add insult to injury, the programme shows the holy shrines in Karbala several times, when the men buried in those shrines stood for peace and unity. Hussain (a.s) is the man Nelson Mandela looked to for inspiration when he was wrongfully imprisoned and yet, in this programme he is depicted as the reason why some find it acceptable to practice child prostitution!

The men in the programme should be ashamed of what they have done, but they are wrongful men who happen to identify as Shia, have offices outside shrines to manipulate people and are pimps, so why did 200 million people have their faith slandered on national television at prime time on a Friday evening as a consequence?

Please sign this petition if you stand with the Shia Muslims who feel that their religion is being gravely misunderstood. This is not just embarrassing, it is the utmost disrespect. To implicitly label us all as compliant with child prostitution is an absolute disgrace. Those who partake in these acts are not our Shias. 

"Be respectful to women, for they are the mothers of mankind"-  Ali (a.s), father of Hussain (a.s)

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This petition had 21,360 supporters

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