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Take Action on FIRs and Applications against Abdul Aziz #ArrestAbdulAziz

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Respected Federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan,

We the citizens of Pakistan hereby petition your office to take every effective measure under the laws of Pakistan to enforce the application of National Action Plan, Protection of Pakistan Act 2014, Anti-Terrorism Act 1997 and relevant provisions of the Pakistan Penal Code against Abdul Aziz.

Abdul Aziz has illegally assumed the role of the Khateeb of Government Mosque Lal Masjid in G-6 and has forcibly converted Jamia Sumaiyah in G-7/3, Islamabad into a private institution Jamia Hafsa. Abdul Aziz uses both premises to support terror Groups by encouraging their activities in violation of law, make demands for uprooting the constitutional system of Pakistan, spread sectarian and religious divides through sermons, threat the State of Pakistan and even pledge allegiance to banned terrorist organizations like ISIS/Daesh.

The following two FIRs registered in Islamabad, which is a Federal territory, are pending trial for which we petition the Government of Pakistan through your office to ensure honest, transparent and responsible investigation to assist the Courts and the public prosecutors office:

(1)    FIR N0. 569/2014 registered at Aabpara Police Station under PPC Section 506(ii) for criminally intimating with violence and grievous bodily harm all citizens protesting outside Lal Masjid on 18th and 19th December 2014. The citizens were further terrorized and threatened by Taliban Commander Ehsanullah Ehsan on behalf of Abdul Aziz on 22nd December 2014 and Abdul Aziz further through various statements has tried to instigate sectarian hate by false accusing the citizens to be working on sectarian agenda. An application has been filed with the Police by complainants of the FIR to amend the charges in the Interim Challan of the FIR and add relevant sections under Anti-Terrorism Act  and Protection of Pakistan Act. Please note that non bailable arrest warrants and proclamation of absconding have already been issues by the Court in this matter and the Police has misrepresented in Court that the whereabouts of Abdul Aziz are not known. 

(2)    FIR No. 446/2014 registered at Aabpara Police Station under PPC Section 295 for spreading hatred and animosity between different religious group and sects. This FIR was registered by the Station House Office which is a representative of the State and the co accused in this FIR along with Abdul Aziz are the senior and central leaders of ASWJ which as per notification released by your ministry is a banned outfit.

The following two applications were  filed at Aabpara Police Station on 29th January 2016 for which we request your office to direct Police to do its job as mandated by law register FIRs against them:

(A)   Application to register FIR under PPC Section 121, 121A and 505(1)  and scheduled offences under Protection of Pakistan Act for conspiring to wage to war against the State of Pakistan, inciting mutiny and assaulting members of Parliament, Government and the Armed Forces by having pledged allegiance to Daesh/ISIS and inviting them to attack Pakistan and its forces and establish Caliphate to avenge the military operation against Lal Masjid terrorists in 2007 and for the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

(B)   Application to register FIR under relevant provisions of the PPC, POPA and ATA for spreading sectarian hate, accusing security agencies and armed forces of Pakistan of having sectarian agenda and inciting violence and mutiny on sectarian grounds within different sections of Pakistani society through sermons and speeches released on the internet. As you are aware, that it is primarily because of sermons like these that citizens of Islamabad are forced to face a shutdown of mobile signals in the areas surrounding Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa.

We would like to remind your commitment made on the Floor of the Senate on 29th December 2015 that if any one has any “justiciable” and “prosecutable” evidence against Abdul Aziz then you will take “immediate action.”

We trust that you and your office will keep the interest of Pakistan and the spirit of the National Action Plan, which you claim to have conceived yourself, foremost and will not compromise on the enforcement of law to establish the writ of State with the most politically significant city of Pakistan, our Capital, Islamabad. We hope no criminal and/or terrorists will be allowed to terrorize the state of Pakistan and make a mockery of our National Security specially under your tenure.

Arrest and put Abdul Aziz on trial!

Yours Sincerely,
Citizens of Pakistan


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