Ontario Automotive Dealers Protecting Consumers and Employees

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This is to request the support of CADA and TADA to communicate our position with the Ontario Premier’s office that auto showrooms in Ontario should be open immediately, to appointments only, during the Covid-19 crisis.  A complete closure is unnecessary and prevents dealers from providing necessary mobility to customers that require a car to take care of themselves, their family and any essential services they may be required to perform.  In addition, with thousands of lease returns taking place this month in Ontario, a complete showroom closure makes it impossible to effectively process the returns and help customers acquire replacement transportation. 

We are confident that our policy of appointments only will ensure we can process the required documentation necessary to complete a new car sales transaction and registration legally, efficiently and most important safely.  We believe most of the documentation can be performed online which will reduce the amount of time customers spend in the showrooms providing required wet signatures on the required documentation.  It is important to note that no new car transaction can be done completely online due to policies and legalities associated with new car sales documentation requirements.  Therefore, sending our salespeople to customers’ homes to complete new car sales transactions is not a realistic option in today’s environment.  Further, having salespeople traveling to unknown locations to meet people they may have only communicated with online represents a safety concern as well as a logistical nightmare.

Our retail industry is fully capable of finalizing new car sales transactions by appointment only during this crisis in a safe and sound showroom environment, and we are confident we can do it in a manner that exceeds the standards being used by other essential services today.  We therefore request the communication supporting this position to the Premier of Ontario immediately.