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Fix The Lack of 64-bit Firmware on Early Intel Atom Bay Trail Tablets

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Millions of 64-bit tablets using Intel Atom "Bay Trail" processors cannot run in 64-bit mode. This was due to a bug in Windows that has since been fixed. We are asking the tablet vendors to offer a firmware update that corrects this.

When Intel launched "Bay Trail" Atom tablets, Microsoft supported them with a new feature called InstaGo. At launch, it was a bit buggy. Microsoft couldn't support it in 64-bit mode. So, initially, tablets with Bay Trail processors shipped with 32-bit firmware.

That means that, even though you have a 64-bit tablet, it cannot run 64-bit apps. It's stuck in 32-bit firmware and thus acts as a 32-bit device.

Why is this bad? First, you can't run most Linux operating systems. Even in 32-bit mode, thanks to most Linux platforms not supporting UEFI32-only devices. Second, future Windows versions may require a 64-bit environment. But most importantly, you lose the benefits of 64-bit, including its performance increases.

Microsoft has since offered Windows 8.1 Update, which fixes InstaGo on 64-bit. There's no reason for these vendors to not do the right thing and update their tablets with a UEFI64 firmware update.

Most PC makers seem poised to offer new/identical tablets with 64-bit firmware. Dell and ASUS have already started this. We are asking that our devies not be hindered by a firmware limitation that could easily, and quickly, be fixed with a simple update.

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