Stop Fishing Tourism On Haida Gwaii (Haida Gwaii Is CLOSED)

Stop Fishing Tourism On Haida Gwaii (Haida Gwaii Is CLOSED)

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I am making this petition to prevent the blatant disrespect of the Haida Law. We are a self governing community. Many health and political officials have given us the full rights to keep our communities closed during this pandemic. It only needs 100,000 signatures for this to be discussed in parliament. As a Haida woman living in the Fraser Valley I have more access to essential resources to help make sure this issue is addressed by the right people. 

I ask everyone on Haida Gwaii to stay on Haida Gwaii and for them to practice all of the proper precautions. I ask for all of my lower mainland Haida's to please stay where you are. Our elders and families need to be protected and safe. We need to be selfless and allow ourselves space from our island families, as hard as it is. 

We have fought to be heard for so many years. We have fought to be recognized for so many years. To be accepted. To get our rightful name back. It is time we are HEARD. It is time we are given our right to keep our people SAFE. 

I am so concerned for our people, to see pictures and videos of people from the mainlands carelessly accessing the lands with no regard for our safety. 

Please share this. There is no reason people should be accessing Haida Gwaii for any reason other than emergency medi-vac's services.