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Make Swiggy accessible with screen readers in Android for Visually Challenged People

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At the time when people are ordering online due to COVID-19, I and many visually challenged are unable to do so.

You must be wondering why it is so?

Because, Swiggy, one of the major food aggregator in India is not accessible with screen readers in Android.

Visually challenged people rely on screen readers to access phones and their applications, at the time when big tech companies like Google and Facebook are making their platforms accessible with screen readers, Swiggy is going towards more and more inaccessible interface.

The screen reader reads the things which are on screen. for example in Swiggy, on the first screen, the list of restaurants is shown but, they can't be read. Even while rating we are unable to rate due to some issue with its interface which is not compatible with screen reader. 

Ordering online has given some sort of independence to those living alone especially in the time of a pandemic when going out is a huge risk. But Swiggy chose to take away this freedom. At the time of the pandemic, when people are ordering food online, but many visually challenged who had the smartphones and could afford to order food online, couldn't because of big business like Swiggy chose to ignore us. 


What I want is that Swiggy should make their application accessible with screen readers, practice inclusivity in implementation, give word descriptions to images, or make their application less graphical.

Sign and Share my petition in large numbers and take one step at a time to make this world accessible.