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Bring Teddy the donkey Home

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A lot of you know that poor Dinky donkey lost his best friend Jessie a few months ago and after lots of searching his new little donkey friend Teddy (aka Jed) was found at Sussex Horse Rescue Trust (Uckfield) and came to live with us in May.

When he arrived he was in very poor condition - his coat was dull and tatty and his feet were in a terrible overgrown condition, so much so he was unable to walk properly, having to walk rocked back on his heels . On having them trimmed he was found to have a huge hole in his front left hoof where he had been suffering from untreated laminitis. So advanced was it that he had been living in this way for months. Teddy (of course) received immediate care and necessary treatment for his feet which has been ongoing since he's been living here .

Teddy and Dinky have bonded wonderfully and for those of you who don't know about donkeys - this is no easy feat, but when they do bond they bond for life and separation can lead to a donkey becoming so depressed it will refuse to eat and subsequently die. Teddy and Dinky share a stable together, eat from the same bowl and share hay nets. They are the best of friends and have a wonderful life, they love ginger but biscuits and have them as their bed time treat. They love going for walks and Teddy has gone from shy to a real little monkey. He loves his cuddles and treats.

In July I received an upsetting letter from SHRT accusing me of " worrying care " of Teddy after a visit from one if their volunteers. That volunteer reported that Teddy had over grown feet and wasn't being looked after because he had mud on his legs. It was wet. He was out in the field in the mud. He was muddy yes!!! I tried to call and speak to Pauline at SHRT on more than 6 occasions to explain about the laminitis issue with his feet but she refused to speak with me at all. I therefore wrote to her, including photographs negating the observations made by the volunteer. I requested a meeting with Pauline to discuss matters but was again ignored. I received a phone call from SHRT (again not Pauline) stating that owing to "unresolvable issues" they had decided to remove Teddy from me . I explained again the issues that had been treated and the fact that taking Teddy away due to what amounts to a personality clash ( ie me fighting my case ) was no valid reason to split up two bonded donkeys. She was allegedly taking this back to the trustees and coming back to me .

I heard nothing... until today when I discover that SHRT have come to the yard, with no notification of their intent, gone into the field and taken Teddy away. Poor Dinky is absolutely devastated at the loss of his best friend AGAIN. I know there is nothing I can do to get Teddy back as I have already sought advice.You all know that a better home would have never existed for that little donkey . Now there are two lonely sad little boys missing their best friend.

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