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Make Pet Foxes Legal in New Mexico

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New Mexico currently does not allow an individual to own or possess a fox. Foxes are easily domesticated and are legal for purchase and ownership in many states across the country (Florida, New York, Indiana) for example. If a state like New York allows foxes to be kept as pets in small living quarters (like apartments) then New Mexicans with the proper space should be allowed to also. According to, Foxes are not dangerous to humans, except when they are rabid (which is very rare), Even then, a fox’s natural tendency is to flee rather than fight. The issue of rabies could be addressed by making yearly rabies vaccination a requirement as they are with dogs currently. Foxes are mostly non- aggressive animals that make for great pets. Foxes can be purchased from reputable breeders. These breeders have been in business for many years and are required to pass inspection and have experience with providing a healthy animal. Tiny Tracks is one such company. There are currently many people who already own foxes as pets in New Mexico, so why not just make it legal? As a law abiding citizen I desire to own a pet fox but due to current regulations with Game and Fish I am prohibited. However, these regulations are actually unclear when it comes to foxes specifically.

New Mexico Statutes Annotated 1978

 77-18-1. Sale, purchase, trade and possession of certain animals regulated.
The sale, purchase, trade and possession with intent to keep as a pet of any subhuman primate,
skunk, raccoon, fox or other sylvatic carnivore may be regulated by regulation of the health and
environment department [department of health] for the protection of public health and safety. 

This is the only statute that speaks specifically to the ownership or possession of foxes. I believe it is time for the State of New Mexico to allow their citizens to own a domesticated pet fox purchased from a reputable breeder. Whether through the purchase of a permit or through changes in regulations, it is time for a change.

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