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As many of us know, Logan Paul, the famous YouTube creator, having loads of children as his audience, caused emotional damage to loads of people by recording and sharing a person who committed suicide and teasing dead animal bodies.

From recording, showing disrespect, lack of dignity towards those suffering from mental illness, families, and friends who have lost the loved ones due to suicide or other tragedies; To teasing dead animal bodies, LOGAN PAUL'S YOUTUBE CHANNELS(ALL OF THEM) HAVE TO BE TAKEN DOWN!

TheSun has also published about Logan's suicide forest video, in which he is recording a dead body(person committed suicide):

A lot of other Youtube creators have said something about his behavior, too. Now it is the time to act and take his channels down to stop promoting such terrific attitude.

This is a message for you, Logan Paul:

Your attitude is toxic and your ethical codes are of poor quality! What you are standing for is not what the human community should be standing for. You are no longer an example for the young generation, youth, or anyone else! Due to your pattern of behavior: we demand your channels be taken down, forever!

P.S: Logan, WE DO NOT BUY water business or "SORRY VIDEOS", especially after teasing dead animals!


This is a message for Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube:

Dear Susan,

Logan's videos are still out there! Temporarily suspending the ads on his channels IS NOT ENOUGH! The impact of his videos will still touch everyone, including the young generation! We want his channels and videos to be taken down once and forever!


How YouTube only demonetizes his videos: His money is not relevant to anyone, yet what he is promoting really is.

Sign AND Share this petition with your friends, family or other audiences with the hashtag #STOPLOGAN to make this happen!

Sign this petition to tell Susan Wojcicki - CEO, Jawed Karim, Steve Chen, Chad Hurley - Founders and other YouTube staff members that more change is needed and we demand it now!

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