Protect Transgender YouTubers

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Time and time again we are witnessing not just transgender, but other LGBT+ YouTubers having their channels restricted and it needs to stop. 

The latest video that popped up discussing these issues was by Chase Ross. Supporters and avid viewers of Chase will know that many of his videos have been age restricted, de-monetised and labelled as not suitable for ads, for no reason other than educating and supporting other trans kids. Now he has had a video from years ago removed and a strike added to his account! 

We know trans YouTubers are being targeted and flagged unnecessarily, and lately it feels like YouTube has left our community to fend for ourselves. We need YouTube to stop placing restrictions on channels unnecessarily and protect trans and other LGBT+ YouTubers. 

YouTube has always been a big part of my journey of discovery and I know that without trans and other LGBT+ YouTubers I would not be where I am now. My first coming out video was published on YouTube and it gave me the platform I so desperately needed to not just get my feelings out, but to help some way to giving back to our community what it gave to me. I was hoping to return to creating content on YouTube, but we need the security and confirmation that we WILL be supported and treated justly.